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PUMA is an acronym for "Personal, Unique, Multifaceted Approach" and PUMA Physical Therapy has been designed with each individual client in mind. In today's healthcare system, it often feels like you are just a number, one of 10-20 people in a waiting room, sometimes waiting over an hour to be seen for less than five minutes. In many therapy settings, you are one of two to four patients being seen at a time, sometimes doing group exercises and sometimes doing the same exercises you do at home.
At PUMA Physical Therapy, my goal is to make the client feel like an individual again.
All clients will be seen on a one-on-one basis to ensure we are actually addressing the cause of your symptoms, not just your symptoms. It is often that the location of your pain, isn't the actual cause of your pain. Shoulder pain can be brought on by a lack of spinal or ankle range of motion and we will look at the whole body to decrease the risk of your symptoms returning by finding the actual cause.

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  • Flexible and to meet the needs of the client, including weekends and evenings as needed.


  • Initial Evaluation: 1 full hour, one-on-one, including full body evaluation, discussion of findings, treatment, and establishment of home exercise routine...$95

  • Follow-Up Sessions As Needed (often 1-2x/wk, but can be 3 if appropriate): one-on-one treatment sessions that can include manual therapy, exercise, neuromuscular re-education, electric stim/ultrasound, sports therapy, etc. Each session can be anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, but most often are 30 or 45 minutes in duration...$20/15 minutes i.e. If you are being treated for 45 minutes, the cost is $60. If you are seen for a 15 minute treatment, the cost is $20.

  • Athlete Screening *Meant for All Ages 6th Grade through Adults*: FMS and Y-balance testing with print-out of your results including comparison of you to other athletes about the same age in the same sport/activity. Takes about 30 minutes and then 10-15 minutes to put in to the database and review...$30

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"Shari Gaal is the physical is the physical therapist of choice for our family. Our son, the baseball player, initially saw Shari for flexibility and balance exercises to help his performance and minimize the risk of injury. He also saw her after twisting his ankle in a game; Shari was able to get him safely game-ready for a tournament the following weekend in which he hit an inside-the-park home run. Our daughter has received PT from Shari to help her with her Irish Step dancing. Injury prevention through physical therapy exercises and treatment has been an important part of her training and has helped her to qualify for the world championships twice. My husband and I have also seen Shari for various muscle discomforts and weaknesses. We have a file in our house of the exercises we have each received from her and to which we refer when we feel the need to work on those areas again. Most recently, Shari introduced our son to an app that acts as a coach while he is doing his exercises. The app served as a motivator for him, a reminder of proper execution, and helped him to be more consistent with completing his exercises. Any one of our family would recommend Shari Gaal for your physical therapy needs. In our experience, she is an expert in her field, professional, personable, attentive, and committed to the well-being of her clients."