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AGES 8-12

Proper Hitting Mechanics Including:
• Swing path
• Balance
• Grip
• Stance

6 Weeks, 6-7pm
1st Session:
    Mondays, January 6-February 10

2nd Session:
    Mondays, February 17-March 23

Instructed By: Sam Little (Current Professional Independent Ball Player), Scott Walters (Division III National Champion), Conor Thompson (Previous Professional Independent Ball Player).

Ages 8-12

Create good habits and body movement to improve mechanics:
• Footwork
• Approach
• Pre-pitch routines
• Situational planning and positioning
• Covering bases

6 Weeks, 7-8pm
1st Session:
    Wednesdays, January 8-February 12

2nd Session:
    Wednesdays, February 19-March 25

Instructed By: Lloyd Quick (2-time JUCO and Mid-State Conference Coach of the Year).

Ages 8-12

Learn proper mechanics and techniques necessary for development and decrease risk of injury:
• Lower body conditioning
• Pre-game duties
• Catching stances
• Arm positioning
• Receiving and Blocking
• Framing
• Giving and receiving signs
• Pitcher/catcher rapport

6 Weeks, 7-8pm
1st Session:
    Mondays, January 6-February 10

2nd Session:
    Mondays, February 17-March 23

Instructed By: Lloyd Quick (2-time JUCO and Mid-State Conference Coach of the Year).

Cost of Hitting, Fielding, Catching, Pitching Classes:
Cash or Check (discount applied) due at the First Class: Members $119 Non-Members: $149

Credit Card via website prior to the First Class: Members: $125 Non-Members: $156

Hitting League:

First session is a 6 week session from January 11 - February 15

Second Session is a 5 week session from February 22-March 21 (now closed).

1. Train like a college player and hit off of the ProBatter system simulating live pitching.

2. Teams of 3-4 in 2 different age groups, 13U or 14+, will hit for 1 hour against each other (velocities will be age appropriate)

3. You can put a team together within the age group or let us know you are interested and we will put you on a house team.

4. Point system for singles, doubles, triples, homeruns

5. Each hitter gets a specific number of swings per round and you rotate through to get as many quality swings in as you can in the hour time slot.

6. At the end of the league, each player on the winning team in each age group gets a $25 credit to use toward the next session, lessons, clothing, etc.

7. League MVP for each age group will win a wood bat

8. 5 Saturdays, February 22 - March 21. Hour slots will vary, likely starting at 11am or noon and extending in to early afternoon depending on number of teams

9. Cost per player is $68 (cash/check discount to $65)

A.P.E. Training Classes:
Train With Le Moyne's Strength & Conditioning Coach, Ben Gaal

A.P.E. Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning Classes:

Designed specifically for players looking to gain baseball/softball specific strength and power as they prepare for the fast approaching spring season. The class will also include some baseball/softball specific speed, agility and conditioning as well as arm care to prepare for increased workloads. This program can also be tailored to meet the needs of any athlete(s) who is not participating in spring sports, or who is currently participating in winter sports (please contact Ben with any questions/concerns).
We have several 5-week long options for this class, each limited to 10 athletes:
-1 session/wk: 5-6p on Fridays, February 14th-March 13th; $131 credit or $125 cash/check (Only 4 spots remain)
-2 sessions/wk, 2 Options: Monday 6-7p/Thursday 5-6p February 10th thru March 12th OR Tuesday 5-6p/Saturday 10-11a February 11th thru March 14th; $262 credit or $250 cash/check
-3 sessions/wk: 6-7p on Tuesdays/Thursdays and 11a-12p on Saturdays, February 11th thru March 14th; $393 credit or $375 cash/check.

A.P.E. Pre-Season Plyometrics Class:

Designed specifically for athletes looking to improve their athletic performance through better jumping and landing mechanics, greater force production and absorption, and overall explosiveness. We will focus on proper mechanics for jumping and landing, improving the rate at which you produce force and reducing your risk of injury.
Class will meet on Fridays from 6-7p for 5 weeks beginning on February 14th extending thru March 13th.
Price of the class is $131 credit or $125 cash/check and is limited to 10 athletes.

A.P.E. Pre-Season Speed & Agility Class - New Sessions Posted:

Designed specifically for spring sport athletes looking to improve foot speed, top end velocity and change of direction. This program can also be utilized by athletes who do not participate in spring sports, but wish to continue to develop their speed and agility. We will focus on proper running mechanics, sprinting and change of direction drills, and lower body strength training.
You can choose to participate 1, 2, or 3 days per week. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8p, and Saturdays from 9-10a. This class will be 5 weeks long, starting Tuesday, February 11th thru Saturday, March 15th.
Classes are limited to 10 athletes per session. Price of 1 session/wk is $131 credit or $125 cash/check, 2 sessions/wk is $231 credit or $220 cash/check, 3 sessions/wk is $326 credit or $310 cash/check.

Please note, payment plans are available. Due to the coach’s schedule, missed classes may not be able to be made up, although all efforts will be made to work with each athlete. If you have any questions about the class, please contact Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ben Gaal directly at (315) 447-9759

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