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CNY Baseball Warehouse Memberships

CNY Baseball Warehouse is proud to offer year-round memberships to the facility. Memberships will be open to the first 75 people to ensure adequate availability of the facility and can be purchased for $315 (cash/check  discount price of $300) (2nd child in same family $131, cash/check discount price of $125). Memberships will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Benefits of purchasing a Membership include, but are not limited to, discounted prices on classes/clinics, guaranteed 30 minutes per week of cage time with access to balls, and mounds/pitching machines(ProBatter w/ Iron Mike) based on availability. Members will also be able to take advantage of unlimited additional cage time that is not already reserved.
Memberships are for one year and begin the day payment is received.
Cage time can be reserved by calling Bryan Gaal (315-439-2675) or you can walk-in to check availability.

HITTING / PITCHING / FIELDING / CATCHING PRICE LIST (Discounted rates if pay by cash or check)

30-Minute Lessons: 

  ● Individual: $42 OR $40 cash/check

  ● 5-Lesson Package: $200 OR $190 cash/check

  ● 10-Lesson Package: $383 OR $365 cash/check

60-Minute Lessons: 

  ● Individual: $84 OR $80 cash/check

  ● 5-Lesson Package: $383 OR $365 cash/check

  ● 10-Lesson Package: $735 OR $700 cash/check


A.P.E. PRIVATE STRENGTH TRAINING PRICE LIST (Discounted rates if pay by cash or check)

  ● By Session (1 Hour): $63 OR $60 cash/check

  ● 5-Session Package: $289 OR $275 cash/check

  ● 10-Session Package: $546 OR $520 cash/check

  ● 15-Session Package: $787 OR $750 cash/check

  ● 20-Session Package: $987 OR $940 cash/check

  ● 25-Session Package: $1,181 OR $1,125 cash/check


A.P.E. GROUP STRENGTH TRAINING PRICE LIST (Discounted rates if pay by cash or check)

  ● Group of 2: $42/athlete OR $40 cash/check

  ● Group of 3-4: $37/athlete OR $35 cash/check

  ● Group of 5-6: $31.5/athlete OR $30 cash/check

  ● Group of 7-8: $26.25/athlete OR $25 cash/check

  ● Group of 9-10: $21/athlete OR $20 cash/check


Cage Rentals Also Available (Discounted rates if pay by cash or check):
 60 Minutes for $42 ($40 cash/check)    
OR      30 Minutes for $26 ($25 cash/check)
$5 Drop-in fee for parents or brothers/sisters who would like to use the weight room during lessons or classes. 
Access is based on availability and a waiver must be signed prior to use.

No ability to pay by credit card on-site. Use this link, or call Shari at 315-532-3162 to pay by credit card. Thank you!